Minggu, 13 Mei 2012


How Bad Do You Want It ?

"As a young man who you realize wanted to create a great deal of cash, and so he went to this guru right, he told this guru he wanted to be on the same level your on and so the guru said in the event you wanted to be on exactly the same level I’m on, I’ll meet you at the beach at four in the morning.
He liked the beach. I stated I wanted to "make money", I do not want to swim.

The guru said if you wanted to create money I’ll meet you tomorrow 4 am.
So the young man got there at 4am, all prepared to rock and roll got the suit on, he ought to of worn shorts. The old man grabs his hand and says how bad do you want to be successful?
He said "real bad", The guru says walk on out there. So he walks out onto the water, watch this, when goes out to the water he goes waist deep, like this crazy guy. I just wanna make cash; he got me out there swimming. I didn’t ask to be a life guard. I wish to make money!
So he says come on out just a little further after which he had him right about this region (The shoulder area), so this old man is crazy, he may be making cash but he crazy. He stated come on out just a little further, it was correct about his mouth. My man I'm about to go right back in here, this guy is out of his mind. But the old man stated, believed you wanted to be effective.
He stated I do! he said "walk a little further". He came dropped his head in, held in him down! Hold him down! My man didn’t scratching hold him down! I got you, I know you brushed it off but I got you. He had him held down; I require you for an illustration. He had him down just about before my man was going to pass out, so he raised him up, he stated I got a question for you, somebody answer the question for me, he stated when you had been water what did you want to do?

He said I wanted to breathe. He told the guy, he stated whenever you wish to succeed as bad as you wanted to breathe and then you will be successful.

I do not know how many of you all have asthma in here today, but in the event you ever had an asthma attack before you short of breathe (sob) short of breathe, you weezy ( breathes in deeply). the only factor you trying to do is get some air! You do not care about no basketball game! whats on television! You don’t care about nobody calling you! You do not care about a party! The only thing you care about whilst trying to breathe is obtaining some fresh air, that’s it! and whenever you get to the point where all you would like to be is effective as bad as you would like to breathe, then you will be successful! I’m here to let you know number 1 that the majority of you say you want to be successful but you do not want it bad enough, just kinda want it.
You do not want it badder than you would like to party, you don’t want it as much as you wanna be cool, the majority of you do not want success as much as you want to sleep!
Some of you love sleep more then you love success. I’m here to tell you today if you’re going to be effective, you got to be willing to give up sleep, you gotta be willing to work off of 2 hours of sleep 3 hours of sleep! In the event you really wish to be effective some days you’re going to need to remain up 3 days in a row, simply because in the event you go to sleep you might miss the chance to be successful, that’s how bad you got to want it.
You got to go days with out sleep. You would like to be effective so poor you forget to eat! Beyonce stated as soon as she was on the set performing her factor, 3 days had gone by and she forgotten she didn’t eat! Because she was engaged. I’ll by no means forget when 50 cent was performing his movie, I did a little analysis on 50 and 50 stated that when he wasn’t doing the movie he was performing the sound track, and they said when do you sleep 50, sleep? Sleep is for those people who are broke, I don’t sleep. I got an opportunity to create a dream come a reality. How many individuals in here like football? Emmy smith I utilized to be a cowboy fan prior to they give my boy tom lance I use to be a cowboy fan. watch this, there use to be a commercial, emmy smith had won his first super bowl and he had this commercial where he was lifting weights, I do not know in the event you saw the commercial and he was lifting and he said “you know what I won the super bowl, I can rest now, so he throws up about 325! And rests for about 2 seconds and then boom once more, again. Did you see that? he already won the super bowl!, he stated I’m going to rest, how long did he rest? Only a second, most of you all won’t be effective because whenever you studying and you get tired, you uite! And I’m here to let you know these days don’t cry to give up! cry to keep going! do not cry to unite! you already in discomfort! you already hurt! get a reward!"

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